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The Environment Agency has announced that the use of warehouses to store illegal waste has doubled in England since 2014.

Between April 2015 and March 2016, more than 1,000 waste sites were discovered without a legal permit – an 82 per cent rise from 2013-14 and more than the two previous years combined. The increase has been attributed to the huge profits that the waste crime can offer.

The responsibility of the site’s clean-up costs is attributed to the landowner when the illegal waste operators cannot be found.

“There are rogue waste operators, who hire land or share buildings and will fill with waste and then disappear leaving an environmental problem for the landowner of the property,” said Peter Haslock, enforcement team leader. “The costs of the clean-up can be considerable depending on the type of waste.” In total, illegal waste activity costs taxpayers in England £1bn every year.

It is illegal to deposit, knowingly cause or knowingly permit waste in/on land unless in accordance with the terms of a waste management licence. Many businesses are unaware where their waste is being taken, and in some circumstances their operators are taking it to one of the growing numbers of illegal waste sites as it is cheaper.

It is the responsibility of the business to ensure that they know where their waste is going and that it is dealt with correctly to meet regulations and laws. It is important to choose a registered and trustworthy waste firm to manage the collection and disposal.

At JNL, we aware well aware of the responsibilities of ensuring waste is taken to the right places. Our waste management service gives businesses peace of mind that their waste is going to where it can help to create a sustainable environment instead of legal and illegal landfill sites.

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