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For the first time, a set of new guidelines has been announced by the waste management industry to help improve the nation’s recycling rates.

The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) teamed up with industry associations, local authorities and waste and recycling firms to develop a new set of recycling guidelines to make rules clearer for residents and industry.

WRAP’s head of resource management Linda Crichton said: “For as long as I have been at WRAP, there has been a desire to have clarity across the country on what can be recycled and how items should be presented for recycling. We all have an interest in increasing recycling and making it less confusing for people.”

Why the need for recycling guidelines?

It was recently found that recycling rates in nine of the ten top recycling councils in England decreased last year. The amount of rejected recyclable waste in England has also increased by 84 per cent in four years according to government figures. The collaborative effort of organisations and trade bodies will give a conclusive reference point for businesses and households unsure of what can be recycled and should help these figures improve.

The media always remains interested in councils’ recycling performances. JNL can offer advice on ways to improve collection, recycling and reduction of a landfill. With years of experience in waste collection, we can assist you in hitting waste targets in an economical and effective way.

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