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Hotel & Catering

The hotel and catering industry generates around 10,000 tonnes of wasted food every year. That’s around 10% of the UK’s total food waste.

The good news is that this waste can be collected and put to good use rather than creating greenhouse gasses. In fact, there is an increasing amount of legislation being introduced which will encourage waste food collection and fine the hospitality industry if they don’t comply.

JNL can help the hospitality sector meet government standards. With a wide selection of waste containers, including several styles that we have custom-made for clients, you can be confident that any surplus food waste will be collected efficiently from your premises.

We can also organise regular town-wide collections where we can pick up from a number of locations close to each other to reduce the cost of waste collection.

For large sites, we can organise regular collection dates and be flexible with collection to suit your schedules.

Nobody wants to visit a hotel or restaurant and be greeted by the odour of rotting food. That’s why we have designed containers and regular collections which avoid this problem. You may also want advice in designing the most efficient storage area for your waste and recycling. After years of working with the catering industry, we have learned a lot about the best way to create the perfect collection area.