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It has been found that the number of fly tipping incidents increased by 50 per cent in 2015-2016, with close to one million occurrences reported by councils in England.

Official figures show a total 936,090 cases of fly-tipping, the highest level since 2009-2010.

The majority of illegal dumping in public places involves large household items such as fridges, sofas and vehicle parts. Due to cuts to councils’ budgets, charges have been introduced to collect these larger items. It is thought that reluctance to pay fees for services that were once free, has led to the increase in fly-tipping.

Although most cases are attributed to households, there are still businesses that rely on illegal tipping too. Some businesses are unknowingly using illegitimate waste management companies to dispose of their waste, which could be ending up in public spaces.

Businesses’ responsibilities

Many businesses are unaware where their waste is being taken, and in some circumstances their waste operators are taking it to an illegal site or fly tipping the waste as it is cheaper. Under the ‘duty of care’ section of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Waste Regulations 2011, it is a business’s responsibility to ensure that they know where their waste is going.

Illegal waste dumping can be tracked back to its source. If the waste is tracked back to your business, you could face penalties and fines. For this reason it is advisable to use a registered and trustworthy waste collector to dispose of your waste.

Finding a registered waste collector

Collection of waste by a non-registered carrier is illegal. Businesses can find a registered carrier by browsing a full list of providers here. A registered carrier will provide businesses with a Trade Waste Agreement, a contract between your business and the waste carrier. A Waste Transfer Note, which confirms safe disposal, will then be provided after disposal.

These documents protect businesses from accusations of illegal waste disposal.

Our waste collection services give businesses peace of mind that their waste is being used to help the environment rather than being dumped illegally. For more information about our waste collection service, call us today on 01933 410 789.